Raegan Zmoos – Diabetes Testimonial

Raegan Zmoos

Rae of Sunshine!
Raegan (Rae) is no stranger to medical care and surgeries. She was born with a condition called strabismus (crossed eyes) and had three eye surgeries before she was three years old! She was happy, and ate and slept well, but everything changed shortly after her 2nd birthday. At a regular doctor’s visit, she was rushed to El Paso Children’s hospital with type 1 diabetes. She was in the Pediatric ICU for three days!  Rae’s parents already had their hands full with older sister, Ellie, and baby brother, Zander, but El Paso Children’s supported the family with nursing supplies in addition to diabetes training for Rae! Today, Rae is obsessed with unicorns, loves her teacher, Miss Maggie, and plays anywhere her imagination takes her.