Zachary Bowling Pediatric Outpatient
Diabetes Education Services

The only hospital affiliated Pediatric Diabetes Education Services recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) between Phoenix and Austin.

Any child with diabetes is eligible to receive education. Diabetes Educators empower children, adolescents, and their families to manage their diabetes. They teach, coach and guide families to understand how diabetes affects their personal lives and how to take steps to live healthy, happy lives.  


Call 915-242-8471 Monday – Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM or email for non emergency questions or to set up an appointment. Education is available in English and Spanish.


  • The level of care and support we have received is nothing short of phenomenal. The team has been an invaluable asset as we continue to learn about Type 1 Diabetes and how to manage it.

    Micah Greenford's mom
  • Beside having full time nurses coming in and taking great care of him, we had diabetes educators give us one-on-one training for three days. They taught us how to take care of him and, essentially, how to become his pancreas.

    Westover Harvey's mom, Lauren


Our staff includes Registered Nurses and Registered Dietitians who are Certified Diabetes Educators that specialize in Pediatric Diabetes Education.

We train the individual child/teen and their family to promote:

  • Understanding  their diabetes diagnosis and treatment options
  • Understanding how their medications work, including the action, side effects, efficacy, prescribed dosage and more
  • Understanding how to use their diabetes devices, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pens, insulin pumps, and continuous glucose monitor
  • Adopting healthy eating habits through nutrition education, including meal-planning, and carbohydrate counting
  • Developing problem-solving skills to self-manage their diabetes for high and low blood sugars and during illness
  • Understanding how to prevent long term complications
  • Understanding how to access resources for support
  • Developing skills to make successful behavior changes
  • Coordinating with the child’s school to provide a safe and healthy learning environment


  • Comprehensive education to children with diabetes and their families
  • Education and support for children and adolescents previously diagnosed with diabetes
  • Education for caregivers/grandparents
  • Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring training
  • Pediatric Diabetes Ambassadors Program
  • Pediatric Diabetes Ambassadors Program
  • Type 1 El Paso Support Group
  • Parent’s Night – Invited national speakers
  • World Diabetes month events
  • Annual Pediatric Diabetes Conference and how to take steps to live healthy, happy lives.

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