Letter from the CEO

El Paso Children’s Hospital provides the highest level of pediatric care in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Since opening on February 14, 2012 we have been able to decrease the outmigration for pediatric subspecialty and surgical care by 80%. Before opening, approximately 650 pediatric patients had to leave El Paso. Since opening we have had over 5000 NICU graduates, 300 NICU transports, 120,000 ED visits, over 3500 PICU discharges and 80,000 total pediatric visits. In addition our Southwest University Pediatric Blood and Cancer Unit has seen over 300 families, with over 2500 visits and over 32,000 infusion clinic visits, keeping families closer to home with our latest Children’s Oncology Group affiliation. El Paso Children’s Hospital is full of dedicated doctors and staff committed to delivering the highest level of care possible and instituting an environment where kids, family members and hospital staff feel safe. Our Level IV NICU delivers the most acute care in the region and our devotion to safety is a key element in our accreditation granted by The Joint Commission and the College of American Pathologists. But providing the best care isn’t just about having the best facility. It’s about having doctors especially trained in bedside manners with children. It’s about having staff willing to read a bedtime story to an upset child. It’s about drivecommitment and compassion.

We see children determined every day in the rooms of our hospital and it inspires us to keep pushing to deliver the highest level of pediatric care. The ability to heal doesn’t just come from medicine, it comes from compassion. At El Paso Children’s Hospital, we are on a journey to continue to strive for the best care. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to decades of improving healthcare for the children of El Paso and the surrounding region.

Cindy Stout,
CEO El Paso Children’s Hospital