Bill Pay Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
This Online Payment Agreement (“Agreement”) for initiating payments to El Paso Children’s Hospital account(s) governs the online payment services offered by El Paso Children’s Hospital. By using the online service you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions provided to you. This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with all applicable federal laws and regulations. The terms ‘we,”, “us” and “our,” refer to El Paso Children’s Hospital. The terms “You” and “Your” refer to each borrower on an account. The term “business days” means Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday and federal banking holidays.

To initiate payments toward your account(s) through the online payment service, you must have an eligible U.S. bank account.

There are no monthly or transaction fees for initiating payments through the online payment service. However, your credit card company and financial institution may have related fees for their services.

Online Payment
By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that El Paso Children’s Hospital will initiate an ACH debit or credit card debit to the payment account(s) that you have provided.

This service is provided for your convenience and payment of your account(s) continues to be your responsibility and obligation as stated in your existing Agreement with El Paso Children’s Hospital.

You agree and acknowledge that El Paso Children’s Hospital is not liable or responsible for any system failure, your misdirection of payment, or system error that was beyond El Paso Children’s Hospital control.

Except as specifically provide in this Agreement or where the law requires a different standard, you agree that El Paso Children’s Hospital is not responsible for any loss, property damage or bodily injury, whether caused by the equipment, software, El Paso Children’s Hospital or by Internet browser providers or by Internet access providers or by online service providers or by an agent or subcontractor of any of the foregoing. El Paso Children’s Hospital is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential, economic or other damages arising in any way out of the installation, use or maintenance of the equipment, software, the online services or Internet browser or access software.

Changes to Terms
El Paso Children’s Hospital reserves the right to change the terms described in this Agreement. When changes are made to any material terms we will update this Agreement and post an electronic message on our website. The notice will be posted at least thirty days in advance of the effective date, unless an immediate change is necessary to maintain the security of the system. If such a change is made, and it can be disclosed without jeopardizing the security of the system, we will provide an electronic notice on our website within thirty days after the change.

Disclosure of Information
El Paso Children’s Hospital maintains standards and procedures to prevent misuse of this information and unauthorized access to your information, accounts and records. While state and federal law require some of these procedures, El Paso Children’s Hospital has implemented additional procedures to assure your personal privacy. Click here to view our Privacy Statement.

You authorize El Paso Children’s Hospital to disclose to third parties, such as independent auditors or attorneys, information you have provided, contained in El Paso Children’s Hospital account files, or that we have obtained about your account(s):

  • To comply with government agency or court orders requesting relevant data from El Paso Children’s Hospital;
  • To verify the existence and condition of your account for a third party, such as a credit bureau
  • To provide services relating to your account or to offer other products and services; or
  • If you give us your permission

Disputes between you and El Paso Children’s Hospital under this Agreement that relate to your payment(s) are subject to the provision of your note and applicable remedies.

Other General Terms
In addition to this Agreement you agree to be bound by and will comply with the requirements of the rules and regulations of any funds transfer system and applicable state and federal laws and regulations. We agree to be bound by them also.

El Paso Children’s Hospital reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and your access to initiate online payments, in whole or in part at any time.

El Paso Children’s Hospital may assign this Agreement to any now-existing or future direct or indirect subsidiary or affiliate. El Paso Children’s Hospital may also assign or delegate certain of its rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to independent contractors or other third parties.

To obtain a copy of this Agreement you may print a copy or contact us at 915-242-8550.

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