Finance & Billing

Bill Pay

For your convenience, you can make a payment online. Please have your account number and billing information readily available.

Contact Us

Please contact a Representative at one of the numbers below if you have questions.

Patient Accounts: (915) 298-5444

Texas Tech Physicians Billing: (915) 594-3570

Crime Victims Assistance: (915) 521-7732  (915) 521-7024

Financial Counselors: (915) 242-8550

El Paso Children’s Hospital strives to provide a place of healing through unmatched excellence in pediatric patient health care. We understand how difficult it could be to manage your child’s hospital bill and we are here to help streamline the process for you. This brochure will assist you in understanding the billing process at El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Before Your Scheduled Visit

Our staff will provide you information on what to bring, directions to El Paso Children’s Hospital, as well as insurance information and bill payment options prior to your arrival.  They will be able to address any questions that you may have prior to your visit. Depending on the terms of your health insurance, you may be responsible for paying co-pays and/or deductibles prior to your child’s scheduled services. The staff at El Paso Children’s Hospital may provide you with an estimate of your expected out of pocket cost and the amount you are expected to bring at the time of service, which may include your co-pay and/or deductible.

Your Child’s Bill

After your child’s care at El Paso Children’s Hospital, you will receive a bill from us for clinic visits, tests, procedures, medications, supplies, clinical services, or room charges.

Physicians Bill

While your child’s health care needs were being treated at El Paso Children’s Hospital, they may have been treated by more than one physician or specialist.  You will receive a separate bill for these physician services that were involved in your child’s care.  You may see a bill from all the different types of physician providers involved in your child’s care, such as physician, anesthesia, radiology, etc.

Account Summary From El Paso Children’s Hospital

You will receive an account summary for the amount due from you for your child’s services which will include amounts due for services received by your child at El Paso Children’s Hospital.  The summary will show the current amount due for your child’s visit plus any activity that has occurred.  Additional statements will be sent every 21-30 days. If you have been approved for a payment plan, you will receive a monthly statement reminding you to make the monthly payment due.  If you have any questions regarding your statements or other billing related questions, you can contact the Patient Account Representative in the Registration area located across from the Enchanted Forest near the front entrance of the hospital during normal business hours.

Payment Options

Families must inform us if they have any type of health insurance coverage from a health insurer, health care service plan, Medicaid or other state funded programs designed to provide health care coverage.

Families who are unable to pay their balance in full may qualify for financial assistance.

If a family does not have any type of health insurance coverage, they may be eligible for Medicaid or they may qualify for Charity Care, Discounted Payment or Self-Pay status.  El Paso Children’s Hospital Eligibility Representatives are able to provide families with an application for Medicaid. El Paso Children’s Hospital Eligibility Representatives are available on site to discuss options for monthly payment plans, to help you complete applications for State and/or Federal assistance programs, or to visit with you about the El Paso Children’s Hospital Financial Assistance Program.  You may schedule a visit with an Eligibility Representative over the phone or in person, Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  El Paso Children’s Hospital Eligibility Representatives can be reached at (915) 298-5444 ext. 43109.

El Paso Children’s Hospital accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards or debit cards for payment.  You can make a credit card payment online or by calling the Billing Office at (915) 298-5444 ext. 43109.  You can also pay your bill with the Cashier at El Paso Children’s Hospital, located in the Registration area across from the Enchanted Forest near the front entrance.  The Cashier is open Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  El Paso Children’s Hospital accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club or JCB.

Crime Victims Compensation

If your child is a victim of a crime, there may be financial assistance available to you. Victims of violent crime may suffer financial stress that is as devastating as their physical injuries and emotional trauma.  Crime victim compensation is a direct reimbursement to or on behalf of a crime victim for a wide variety of crime-related expenses, including medical costs, funeral and burial costs, expenses for mental health counseling, and lost wages or loss of support.  We have team members available to assist you.  You can reach them by calling (915) 242-8560.

Please contact us directly if you would like to talk to someone in person about your bill or if you have questions or concerns.

Financial Assistance Program

As a part of our continuing commitment to our community, El Paso Children’s Hospital may provide financial assistance to individuals in need. The type of financial assistance will depend on your income, the number of persons in your household and where you live.  The following documents will help you apply for financial assistance:

Patient Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Application (Spanish)

Provider’s List Patient Financial Policy (Spanish)

Community Health Assessment 2018

Community Health Assessment 2012

Charge Master

Family Resources

Where to Park

Self Parking is available at no cost at the Visitors Parking Garage located in the front of the hospital at the corner of Alameda & Raynolds.

When You Visit

Visits from family and friends play important roles in your child’s recovery during their experience at El Paso Children’s Hospital. We welcome family members, siblings, and friends to visit. To ensure patient safety, security and protection, it is important that you follow these guidelines. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

  • We ask that visitors who are not feeling well (fever, cough, and other symptoms of illness) refrain from visiting.
  • Parents or legal guardians may be with their child at any time.
  • For all other visitors, visiting hours are 8am-8pm.

Checking in

  • All visitors and must report to the information desk for a screening.
  • They will be issued a color-coded pass prior to accessing the hospital units.  Please ensure all visitors keep the pass visible on them.

Spending the Night

  • Parents and guardians may visit any time, day or night, and two adults may stay overnight.
  • One adult friend or family member assigned by the parent/guardian may stay overnight in their place.

Patient & Family Safety

Plants & Balloons

  • Live plants and flowers are not allowed in the hospital. They can let bacteria, molds, and fungus grow.
  • Mylar (metallic) balloons for patients are welcomed. However, latex (rubber) balloons are not allowed anywhere in the hospital because such balloons are a choking hazard for young children and can cause allergic reactions for patients and staff.

Parking Tips

  • Lock your Car
  • Take your Keys
  • Hide your belongings


  • Our security team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist in any security-related issues or concerns.  Example: lost property, secure valuables, provide escort to the parking facility.
  • To contact our security please call (915) 521-7672.


  • We recommend that all personal valuables be left at home, including expensive clothing, electronic equipment, large sums of money, and valuable jewelry.

What is a child life specialist?

According to the Child Life Council, child life specialists are child development experts who work to ensure that life remains as normal as possible for children in health care settings and other challenging environments. They promote effective coping through play, self-expression activities, and age-appropriate medical preparation and education. As advocates of family-centered care, child life specialists work in partnership with doctors, nurses, social workers and others to meet the unique emotional, developmental and cultural needs of each child and family.

Our goal at El Paso Children’s Hospital is to make hospitalization a positive and less stressful experience-so children can be children. Our hospital features an innovative floor plan that includes a playroom on each floor.

For Parents / Caregivers

The Child Life Services focuses on the psychosocial, emotional, and developmental needs of children and the impact that illness, injury, and hospitalization can have on patients and families.

If you know your child will need special support while in the hospital, or if you are trying to find the best way to explain to your child or his/her siblings why your child is in the hospital, we can help.

We have many suggestions for how to make your child’s hospitalization more comfortable for them, and less stressful for you. Patients and their families are our number one priority.