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Neurosurgery & Cranial and Facial Clinic

If you suspect that your child is showing signs of craniosynostosis, please send us photographs and we will review them at no charge.  You may contact our coordinator at (210) 872-2764 or

The Legacy Continues


El Paso Children’s Hospital is dedicated to the world-class neurosurgery care established by Dr. David F. Jimenez. Our powerhouse pediatric neurosurgery & cranial and facial teams will continue his legacy of providing the best patient outcomes for all of our children.

  •        Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors
  •        Chiari Malformations
  •        Craniosynostosis (Minimally Invasive)
  •        Simple And Complex Hydrocephalus
  •        Spina Bifida (Open and Occult)
  •        Intracranial Cysts
  •        Arachnoid Cysts
  •        Intracranial Bleeds
  •        Skull Tumors, Defects, and Fractures
  •        Brain Herniations (Encephaloceles)
  •        Tethered Spinal Cord
  •        Dermoid Cysts
  •        Epilepsy/Seizures
      •        Surgical Tumors/Masses or Lesions
  •        Brain and Spine Trauma
  •        Spine Instability
  •        Congenital Brain and Spine Deformities

Endoscopic/Assisted Craniectomy Patient Experience Guide


Salina from Jordan

  • From the moment we talked to Dr. Jimenez we knew in our hearts we were meant to travel and see him. He took great care of our daughter and we will forever be grateful.

    Salina's Mom, Dana

Beau from Tennessee 

  • We are so thankful for Dr. Jimenez, Dr. Yates, Dr. Bae and all of the nurses and hospitals staff that took care of Beau and all the nurses and hospital staff that took care of Beau during such a scary time for us! We were confident that Beau was being taken care of in surgery and afterwards and as a parent, that peace of mind can be the difference in a positive and negative experience. Ours was definitely positive!

    Beau's Mom, Holly

Alvaro from El Paso 

  • We were blessed to meet Dr. Jimenez who took care of our child. At the time, we had to drive to San Antonio over a year ago. And to now know he is El Paso helping so many families and making this journey with our sons appointments easier since he is on our backyard.

    Alvaro's Mom, Jazmin

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