Biiip is a quiet, shy little machine. He comes from a family of medical technology: MRI machines, monitors, and surgery robots. He’s just a little guy–like a toddler in his world.

Biiip is friendly and lovable. He wants his human friends to not be scared of his machine friends. He gets really excited when he can introduce different healing machines to boys or girls, just so they can understand how they work.



Ru is a visitor to earth! She is about the age of a kindergartener. She is confident, joyful and eager to explore! She understands English and Spanish, and can speak a little sign language. She believes she can do anything she sets her mind to, and one day, she wants to be president of the world!

Ru’s name means “comfort.” She wants to help patients feel better as soon as possible! Ru likes to sing and dance and hug her friends at the hospital and in the El Paso community!

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