Hospital Price Transparency

What El Paso Children’s Hospital (EPCH) is doing to be transparent on hospital pricing

EPCH is committed to delivering value and high-quality care, while also complying with federal laws requiring pricing information be made available to the public. Effective January 1, 2021, CMS regulation requires all hospitals to make public their standard charges for items and services provided to patients in two parts: 1) 300 shoppable services; and, 2) Machine-readable format.

See below to learn more about the ways in which we show our commitment to price transparency:

  • Review our Chargemaster, for all items and services EPCH provides for its patients
  • Review our standard charges for our Shoppable Services
    • For the machine-readable file, the links below will provide our standard charges for all items and services, including gross charge, payer-specific negotiated charges, minimum payer negotiated charge, maximum payer negotiated charge, and the self-pay price.
  • Additionally, EPCH has a comprehensive Financial Assistance & Charity Care Policy to assist certain qualifying patients with their financial obligations.
  • Insured patients can learn more about our commitments to your rights and protections against surprise medical bills resulting from gaps in coverage for emergency services and certain services provided by out-of-network clinicians at in-network facilities, including by air ambulances. Click here to find out more.

Our Patient Financial Services department is available by phone (915) 298-5444 ext. 43106 or 43109 to assist our patients with understanding and estimating their financial responsibility.