Freddy Silva – Emergency Department Testimonial

Freddy Silva

Eye of the Tiger
Freddy’s focus has always been on running, family and friends. But on a hot Father’s Day in 2017, everything changed for Freddy and his family. His mom had flown to Florida to report for naval duty, and two hours after landing she got a call. Freddy had been shot in the chest.

The ambulance rushed Freddy to the University Medical Center Level 1 Trauma center where the El Paso Children’s Hospital Pediatric ICU team supplied him with 10 pints each of blood and plasma. Freddy’s family arrived to find him in an induced coma. After four surgeries and 39 days of recovery in the Pediatric ICU, he was finally able to go home. Today, Freddy is still focused on family, friends & training hard; keeping his tiger eye on the finish line.